I entered the Marine Corps after high school and was meritoriously promoted right out of boot camp.   After finishing all basic infantry schools everyone is given the opportunity to try out for  RECON.  All 350 school of infantry graduates raised their hands to volunteer, but after the screening of our physical and written tests only 20 of us were selected to take the indoctrination.  By the end of the day I was the only one left standing and ready to enter 6 month recon indoctrination program comprised of 30 others who had been assembled for months waiting for the class to fill up.  After the 6 months of grueling training there were only about 15 of us left ready to enter the RECON teams.  At the end of my tour I was sniper team 1 for RECON meaning when we were the readiness force if a sniper team was needed my partner and I were first in and our specialty was counter-sniper operations.


When I got out of the Marines I didn’t have much money and moved into the ghetto for affordability and decided I wanted to make money so within one week I started training with a stock broker and within my first year I was always the top producing broker at any firm I went to.  After years of living in a greed driven industry I realized that life wasn’t all about money and got the itch for action again so I started an investigation agency comprised of ex-special operations military, Sensitive Operations Group.  We quickly got a reputation as being the agency to hire for impossible jobs and started to do work for the Gov’t as well.


One day I realized I wanted to give more and to help children, animals and the environment so I moved to the Florida Keys and wrote children’s books.  My friends all though I was crazy until I became a multi-award winning children’s book author who presented to over 300 elementary schools and was asked by educational systems to show them how to better communicate with children.  My presentations inspired children to read, write, learn about animals, their environments and how to preserve them, while having good moral lessons in each story.  The reward was the responses from the educators, parents and children knowing I had made a difference.


After my son was born I didn’t want to tour as an author so I got back into the business world on my own terms as a business consultant who specializes in marketing and sales.  When I take on a client I fully immerse myself into their business and make them succeed.  My company SEO & PPC Marketing Inc. has taken clients from their infancy stage to being the big dog in their respective verticals and even had some bought out by publicly traded companies.  My reputation earned me the name Dr. SEO/PPC.


The culmination of all my experiences and constant training of mind, body, weapons and desire to help the ones who can’t help themselves is how I became the superhero, CAPTAIN AWESOME.  At least that’s what I call myself. Now I am taking everything my life has been about and turning it into an apparel company to have fun motiv-8ing the people around me while they motivate me to keep doing what I do.


MOTIV-8 isn’t just an apparel company it’s a way of life and a family that I want you to be a part of!